AS Assembly Paste (450g)


Anti-Seize is used as corrosion protection and high-performance assembly paste for statically high-stressed screw connections and assembly parts as well as for slowly rotating installations in the high temperature range.

Anti-Seize Assembly-Paste, reliable protection against corrosion, seizing and cold welding.

– superior sliding properties
– withstands salt water as well as most acids and alkalines,
– heat resistant up to +1200°C,
– high-pressure resistant (< 230N/mm²),
– eliminates squeaky and creaky noises on disk brakes
– prevents fretting corrosion
– good sealing properties
– allows easy assembly and disassembly
– prevents cold welding
– economical in use (1 kg for approx.40-50m²)
– free of toxic heavy metals
– NLGI-grade: NLGI-class 1

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